At Santos Moomba, South Australia

Infringement Notices







Telecommunications Qld

Queensland Workplace Health & Safety

A Transfield Services employee was given an infringement notice for not complying to construction site induction of having an industry Blue Card.

Training was conducted to ensure all employees held a construction induction card and first aid kits were upgraded to include snake bite kits.


Melbourne CityLink

WorkSafe Victoria

Working 30 metres above the ground and leaving the elevated work platform boom-lift to access the work area. This was deemed as an unsafe method of accessing the work area.

The elevated work platform was modified to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.


ADI FFG Upgrade

WorkCover NSW

An employee received an electric shock while pulling a 450V cable. The cable was inadvertently energised prior to being secured and terminated.

A new procedure for cable installations was developed and implemented to deal with this issue.


Collinsville Power Station


Failure to conduct monitoring as required under the conditions of Development Authority number ENDC00467606. Penalty infringement notice from the EPA and fine of $1,500.

A full investigation led to a series of corrective actions being implemented in consultation with the EPA to seek to prevent future occurrences.

As we continue to expand globally, we remain focused on working towards 'no injuries to anyone, anytime'.

We have more than halved our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), reducing it from 5.7 in 1999 to 2.2 in 2007. Working hours increased from 36.6 to 51.9 million hours in 2007 as we welcomed 10,000 new employees. It is a testament to the company's safety culture and our induction processes that we were able to reduce our LTIFR by a further 34 per cent in 2007. We have improved our safety performance by managing risks and minimising harm.

In 2007, we implemented a Leader of Teams (LOT) program across Australia that trains and educates our supervisors and managers on key aspects of safety, including:

  • How our health and safety management systems function
  • The leadership responsibilities and behaviours that drive specific elements of the system, such as following health and safety issues through the full cycle; i.e. identify the issue, raise the issue with the relevant personnel, resolve the issue and communicate the outcomes to the team, and
  • Developing the skills to lead effectively. The LOT program uses interactive training courses and 'on the job' exercises.

We have worked in an alliance with BlueScope Steel at its Port Kembla Steelworks in NSW, Australia, since 2001 to deliver major and routine maintenance of plant machinery. Our work ensures optimum availability and reliability of productive assets.

The Transfield Services team at Port Kembla won BlueScope Steel's inaugural Zero Harm Award in the 'Contractor Safety' category for improving our client's maintenance performance and employee safety in 2007. BlueScope Steel engages thousands of contract companies at its operations around the world. Our commitment to maintaining an international standard of safety saw us win this award.

President Australia and New Zealand Industrial Markets, BlueScope Steel, Noel Cornish said, "This sort of achievement would not happen if all employees on site weren't genuinely committed to safety. The outstanding level of accountability at Transfield Services sets them apart from the rest."

The Alliance Safety Committee has taken a leading role in standardising procedures across the whole site. All employees and visitors – regardless of who they work for – follow the same safety procedures.