Sanding back a ferry at Transdev TSL Brisbane Ferries, Queensland, Australia
TransdevTSL works cooperatively with governments to provide safe, efficient and reliable public transport services

TransdevTSL combines Transdev's longstanding experience in the public transport sector with Transfield Services' world-leading operations and maintenance expertise.

Improving and extending public transport networks is a cornerstone of sustainability and covers environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Public transport reduces carbon emissions by reducing the number of private vehicles on the road and works to deliver equity across the community by providing affordable, accessible transport services. It also supports economic growth by carrying workers efficiently across large areas.

TransdevTSL operates and maintains three modes of public transport in Australia – Melbourne's iconic tram network through Yarra Trams, Brisbane City Council's ferry service through Transdev TSL Brisbane Ferries, and Shorelink Bus service on Sydney's north shore.

TransdevTSL has a strong track record in improving public transport services. Our focus on providing high levels of safety, reliability and overall customer service through best-practice operations and maintenance has led to increased use of all our services.

Our Yarra Trams operations provided a total of 156 million passenger trips in 2007, increasing patronage by 5.5 per cent.

We have increased patronage on TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries by 78 per cent since taking over the contract in November 2003.

TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries provided more than six million ferry journeys to people in the 12 months to May 2007, increasing patronage by eight per cent.

Shorelink Buses have delivered a patronage increase of 9.5 per cent since 2004.

TransdevTSL also seeks to increase the sustainability of its operations by reducing its own impact on the environment.

Yarra Trams has installed six new solar shelters, with solar powered lighting to both existing shelters and tram stops undergoing testing.

TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries uses low emission, ultra-low sulphur diesel to power its vessels. We are also one of the first Australian operators to undertake a marine trial of biodiesel fuel. We are doing this in partnership with Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

This environmentally friendly fuel is made from vegetable oil or animal fat and can be used in any existing diesel engine with only minor modifications. The trial ran for 14 months to June 2007 and the findings are being compiled by Brisbane City Council for a report to the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

TransdevTSL Brisbane Ferries has responded to the serious water shortages in south-east Queensland by installing tanks to capture rainwater for cleaning vessels. It has also revised its cleaning schedules and practices to reduce water use.

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