The following agreements were in existence during the year:
• Continuation of an agreement for Corporate and IT Services dated 14 February 2001 on normal commercial terms and conditions whereby Transfield
Holdings Pty Limited group companies, of which Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM are shareholders, acquire information
technology services from Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Limited and Transfield Holdings Pty Limited companies provide corporate services to
Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Limited.
• Trademark licence between Transfield Pty Limited (a related company of Transfield Holdings Pty Limited) dated 29 September 2008 and various
consequential sub-licence arrangements.
The following were Directors and security holders of Transfield Services Infrastructure Fund (TSI Fund), an equity accounted associate of Transfield Services
• Anthony Shepherd (retired 15 February 2010),
• Dr Peter Goode
Transfield Services paid Anthony Shepherd a pro-rata annual fee to sit on the Board of TSI Fund. The amount paid for the year ending 30 June 2010 was
$55,000 (2009: $88,000). Dr Peter Goode is not paid for serving on the Board of TSI Fund.
TSI Fund is managed under a Management Services Agreement (MSA) with Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Transfield Services
Limited. The wholly owned power stations within TSI Fund are also operated and maintained by Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Limited under a separate
agreement on normal commercial terms.
(f) L oans to executives and executive-related entities
Loans to executives are disclosed in Note 30.
(g) T ransactions of Directors and Director-related entities concerning shares or Performance Awards
Aggregate numbers of shares, share Options and Performance Awards of Transfield Services Limited acquired or disposed of by the Directors or their
Director-related entities from the Company:
2010 2009
number    number
Ordinary shares 816,156 2,094,505
Aggregate acquisition of ordinary shares includes:
Acquired as part of the Directors’ remuneration arrangements - 31,163
Acquired through 1:1 pro rata capital raising offer December 2008 - 1,042,786
Acquired by normal on-market means 816,156 150,000
Acquired through off-market transactions - 870,556
816,156 2,094,505
Ordinary shares - 11,093,918
Aggregate disposal of ordinary shares includes:
Disposal through off-market transactions - 1,546,959
Disposed indirectly by Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM
Directors of Transfield (TSL) Pty Ltd by way of participation through 1:1 pro rata
capital raising offer December 2008 - 9,546,959
- 11,093,918
Aggregate numbers of shares and Performance Awards of Transfield Services Limited
held directly, indirectly or beneficially by Directors of the Company or the consolidated
entity or their Director-related entities at statement of financial position date:
Ordinary shares 119,178,379 115,690,019
Performance Awards over ordinary shares 118,434* -
* Estimate based on provisional determination of MTI performance awards, legal granting of awards will occur in September 2010.