Notes to and forming part of the consolidated financial
statements for the year ended 30 June 2010
Note 43. Parent entity financial information
(a) S ummarised statement of financial position
Parent entity
2010 2009
$’000 $’000
Current assets 628,508 587,120
Non current assets 358,544 265,115
Total assets 987,052 852,235
Current liabilities 43,636 1,791
Non current liabilities 17,081 -
Total liabilities 60,717 1,791
Net assets 926,335 850,444
Contributed equity 808,048 803,095
Reserves 10,830 10,823
Retained profits 107,457 36,526
Total equity attributable to equity holders of the Company 926,335 850,444
(b) S ummarised statement of comprehensive income
Parent entity
2010 2009
$’000 $’000
Revenue from ordinary activities 141,216 37,893
Other income 2,225 275
Depreciation, amortisation and impairment - -
Net finance costs (4,750) (12,906)
Interest paid/payable (3,903) (11,378)
Amortisation of establishment fees (1,135) (1,536)
Finance income 288 8
Other expenses (627) (1,492)
Profit before income tax 138,064 23,770
Income tax (expense) / benefit (16,479) 5,937
Profit from continuing operations after income tax 121,585 29,707
Other comprehensive income - -
Total comprehensive income for the period 121,585 29,707
Profit and total comprehensive income attributable to:
Owners of the Company 121,585 29,707
c) G uarantees and contingent liabilities
The Parent entity provides performance guarantees from time to time on behalf of wholly owned subsidiaries, associates, related parties and joint venture
entities and partnerships. These guarantees will only crystallise if the respective parties fail to meet their performance obligations.
There are also cross guarantees given by Transfield Services Limited, Transfield Services (Australia) Pty Limited, APP Corporation Pty Limited,
Broadspectrum Australia Pty Limited, Broadspectrum (WA) Australia Pty Limited, Broadspectrum (Qld) Australia Pty Limited and Transfield Services
Engineering Group Pty Limited as described in Note 42. No deficiencies of assets exist in any of these companies. No liability has been recognised by the
Parent entity or the Group in relation to these guarantees, as the fair value of the guarantee is immaterial.