FINANCIAL REPORT – 30 june 2010
Transfield Services
ACN 000 484 417
Directors’ report (including remuneration report) 44
Auditor’s independence declaration 71
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income 72
Consolidated statement of financial position 73
Consolidated statement of cash flows 74
Consolidated statement of changes in equity 75
Notes to and forming part of the financial statements 76
Directors’ declaration 139
Independent auditor’s report to the members 140
This financial report covers Transfield Services as a consolidated entity consisting of Transfield
Services Limited and its controlled entities, aditional information about Transfield Services Limited as
an individual entity is included in Note 43 to the financial statements.
The financial report is presented in Australian currency.
Transfield Services Limited is a company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia.
Its registered office and principal place of business is:
Transfield Services Limited
Level 10, 111 Pacific Highway
The financial report was authorised for issue by the Directors on 26 August 2010. The Company has the
power to amend and reissue the financial report.
A description of the nature of the consolidated entity’s operations and its principal activities is included
in the review of operations and in the Director’s Report.
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